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While filming the latest season of Netflix’s Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li and her mom, Emily, bonded over cooking traditional Chinese dishes. While cooking together, it was revealed that Kelly’s favorite childhood dish was a Kunming specialty called 小锅米線 (Little Pot Rice Noodle) that her mom often cooked from scratch. Kelly grew up with a love for all spicy foods, but she still finds herself craving her mom’s 小锅米線 (Little Pot Rice Noodle). She orders it in every restaurant she can find. However, it never has the same taste as how her mom cooked it. Emily revealed that she prepared this dish as well as many others with a secret family hot sauce recipe that was passed down from generation to generation. Kelly and her mom loved how food and their passion for spice helped them create cherished memories and share their culture. Thus, they became inspired to share HOT JIANG® so that people around the world can enjoy it as well.